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Some Special Features to Consider With Your Custom Cabinetmaker

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Getting custom cabinets made means the opportunity to create cabinetry that works for your home personally, if you have an oddly-shaped kitchen or small space that doesn't fit standard cabinets. You can also have the cabinets made to fit the style of your home overall, without seeming bland and generic. While you may be thinking of the size and the look of your custom cabinets, note a few other features to consider discussing with your cabinetmaker, someone like Kurt Sander Ltd, no matter the room that is getting custom cabinets.

1. Recycled material

Since your cabinets will be made from scratch, why not take the opportunity to discuss using recycled materials for the most Eco-friendly option? A cabinetmaker can usually find recycled wood for the cabinets and recycled glass for any glass door fronts. They may even be able to find salvaged knobs and drawer pulls.

2. His and her storage in the bathroom

Why not discuss actual his and her storage when it comes to the bathroom? Separate cabinets for husband and wife can help to keep each one's hairdryer, razors, and other such items sorted from each other and keep the family more organised in the morning.

3. Storage for special items

Your cabinets may have slots for lids and pullout shelves in lower cabinets, but why not discuss storage for special items with your customer cabinetmaker? For instance, if you use an oversized pizza stone regularly, it may not fit standard slots created for pan lids. Have your cabinetmaker make a slot or shelf for that item in particular. In the bathroom, you may have a number of hair-styling tools that get disorganised when you try to manage their cords and keep them stored in a drawer. Your cabinetmaker might be able to make cubbyholes to keep them separated. Discuss your particular storage needs with a custom cabinetmaker, rather than only getting the largest cabinets that fit your space and assuming that will be sufficient storage for your family.

4. Electrical hookup

You want your cabinets to look their best but the more outlets you have in a kitchen, bathroom, or other room of the house, the more functional the space. Discuss how to add electrical hookup to all sides of a custom kitchen island or under the cabinets in the bathroom, so you're not overloading one outlet when you use the space. This will also reduce how frustrated you may get with having to run cords across a room or unplug one appliance to use another.